You can use any type of desktop computer, laptop, tablet or even smartphone to use Schoolbook as long as you have reliable internet connection. Schoolbook runs on all types of modern browsers such as Chrome, Opera, Safari, Firefox and Internet Explorer 10.    We highly recommend that you use the most recent version of your preferred browser.  

Your internet connection also plays a crucial role on your Schoolbook experience.  DSL, Cable and Satellite internet are considered more stable connections compared to wireless broadband such as 3G/4G.  This is because wireless broadband connections easily get disconnected when you are in a location with weak broadband signal.  While you can use your broadband internet to constantly check in for updates on your e-classes or messages on Schoolbook, we recommend that you use reliable internet connections (Eg. DSL connections at home, at the ERS or in an internet cafe) when uploading or downloading files, submitting assessments and answering online quizzes and surveys.