Teachers can easily create copies of previous e-classes.

STEP 1: Drag the mouse pointer to the top of the page to find the COURSES tab.  Locate and click the ADD button at the lower right corner.

STEP 2: Click EXISTING if you want to create a new e-class from a previous one you have created on Schoolbook.

STEP 3: To create a copy of an existing course or a course template, locate and select the course you would like to copy then click SUBMIT.

Make the necessary changes to the information similar to the one requested in creating a new course.  You can also select previous students that you want to pre-enroll in a course or select assessments that you want copied in the new course.  All modules in the lessons page are automatically copied.  Check the "Synchronization" option if you want this course to be a child course of another subject.  Any changes done on a parent course can be triggered in the child classes when you activate them. Once you are done, click SAVE.