Since many of you access Schoolbook in public places such as the ERS or internet cafes, it is important that you practice safe web browsing habits.

  1. Never opt to save your password in a computer that is not your own.  Browsers usually ask if you want your password to be saved for convenience.  Never choose this option unless it is on your own computer.  
  2. Do not leave a computer until you personally see that your account has been logged out.
  3. Use the Incognito mode for browsing.  Incognito browsing involves clearing your tracks from others who may have access to the same computer or mobile device.  This deletes all history and other private data such as cookies when you exit the browser (Orgera, 2013). Below are links to instructions and/or keyboard shortcuts* that you can use to go incognito on various web browsers. Make sure that the browser is open before you follow the instructions.

*Note: These are mostly for Windows users.