A user gets the "Another browser recently logged into your account, so this browser has been automatically logged out" message whenever he/she accesses his/her Schoolbook account.

Affected users

Schoolbook users running on browsers (Chrome, Firefox, Safari, IE, Opera, etc.)

More information

The message appears whenever a user logs in to one browser, doesn't log out, and then logs in to another browser.

Simultaneous logins have been previously allowed on Schoolbook, whereby users can have multiple Schoolbook sessions on different browsers/devices. However this has generally been regarded as tantamount to cheating because a user can give his/her Schoolbook login information to another user, thereby two different users can access one account on different browsers. Also, this is to mitigate unintentional users from using Schoolbook accounts when a user forgets to log his/her account out.

In this case, the most recent browser will automatically be logged out, regardless of Schoolbook activity on that browser.